350 Ton Grove Crane

The Greater The Load, The Greater The Risk

Here’s how we minimize risk and maximize productivity for you.


It may shock you to learn that, although crane operators must earn a hoisting certificate, they can legally sit at the controls of a heavy lift crane at your job site on the first day they receive that certificate.

That is the industry standard.

“We don’t accept the industry standard, so we improved it.”

In addition to the standard certificate we insist on an in-house “graduated system of licensing” and ongoing additional training for heavy lift cranes. Only employees with the best experience, solid track record and the right skills and mindset to handle heavy lifts are entrusted with responsibility of a heavy lift crane.

Even the best laid plans are subject to Murphy’s Law so we’ve got you covered. The industry insurance requirement is for $1,000,000 liability coverage. That is another standard we don’t accept because all excess costs become your responsibility. We carry FIVE MILLION DOLLARS insurance coverage just to be sure.

Here Is The Equipment You’ll Want At Your Site

Even though it’s a very big crane, the Grove 6350 can travel on standard roadways to get to you. If your site has rough terrain we can still get around. Our 6350 is equipped with the optional “Mega Track” independent hydro pneumatic suspension and automatic leveling system. It’s the ultimate in handling and maneuverability. If you have tight spots to get into we can practically crawl sideways to get in and lift 350 tons for you.

Our cranes have been used to lift steel structures, roofing, building supplies, electrical and mechanical construction, HVAC, plumbing, concrete and pre-cast applications. We also erect silos, hoist electrical towers, floating vessels and machinery. We are the first mobile crane company to be called for emergency services because our policy is to have a human answer our phone 24/7 to immediately dispatch a crane.

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